Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Save Game Location

Last Updated on April 1, 2022

Wonderlands Save Game Location – Tiny tina is out now as an epic games exclusive. The game follows the story forward from the Borderland 2 DLC “Assault on Dragon Keep”. Tiny Tina plays a tabletop game called “Bunker and Badasses” in that DLC. Wonderlands is based on that tabletop game.

The AAA title’s launch hasn’t been smooth exactly. There are performance issues in the game. Let’s not talk about that here. We’re here to find out where the save games are located.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Save Game Location

I always like to keep a backup of my save games after what happened to me back in 2019. There was a problem in the cloud backup system of Epic Games, which uploaded corrupted save files, and you had to start from the beginning. It also might make sense for you to disable cloud saves completely.

Another way save games can come in handy is for tweaking and modding to get free keys and broken weapons. I will be writing a guide about that once we have mods for the game available. The title just came out; let’s wait for the modding community to do their thing.

So, where are my Wonderlands Saves Located?

The save games are located in: “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\My Games\Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands\Saved\SaveGames\Your Random Profile Name

I will also be adding saved profiles from community members that have completed certain parts of the game. Here are a few ways save games can come in handy:

  • Modding
  • Duplicating Mods
  • Duplicating Weapons
  • Duplicating Profiles
  • Unlimited Skeleton Keys (Mod will be available soon)
  • Progression Backup
  • 100% Completion Profiles for Damage Testing on Bosses

The game certainly didn’t gather traction like other Borderlands titles. But that might be attributed to the low marketing budget or the game not having the legendary Borderlands title attached to it.

Critics and their ratings came in just fine. IGN rated Wonderlands 8, GamesRadar 4/5, GameInformer 9.5/10, PCGamesN 9/10. Keeping ratings aside, while the game is based 100% on the Borderlands style, it feels like it misses something. I am not sure what that is yet, but I guess we’ll find that out in a few days.

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