All Opulent Chest Locations in Destiny 2 – Season of the Haunted

Last Updated on May 27, 2022

All Opulent Chest Locations: Opulent Chests are the hidden chests spread all across the new Derelict Leviathan. Calus and Leviathan are back in Season of the Haunted, guardians must unite and defeat his army in the Castellum.

Those who haven’t bought the Season Pass yet can look at our guide for the same. The Season Pass costs 1000 Silver which is equivalent to $10. There’s a lot of content to explore this season. We also have a Dungeon coming this week, which will keep us occupied, at least for the weekend.

Enough about the activity and the season. Let’s find out where these chests are and gather our loot.

All Opulent Key Chest Locations in Destiny 2

This is what the chest looks like.

These Chests are spread all across the map. Once you obtain an Opulent Key, you will get a clue. Using that Clue, you have to locate the chest. This will be difficult at first, but once the players have enough data and guides, everything will be easy.

Explaining the locations is going to be hard for us using images. Thankfully 360GameTV, a Destiny YouTuber, has already created video guides for this.

Royal Pools Chest Key

Clue: Where water used to fall

YouTube video

Pleasure Gardens Chest

Clue: By Fallen Greatness

YouTube video

Royal Pools Chest #2

There’s another chest in Royal Pools with the Clue “At the feet of Greatness”

YouTube video

Royal Pool Chest #3

Another chest at Royal Pools. Guess Calus loved this location. The Clue for this one is “Among Stately columns”.

YouTube video

What’s Inside the Opulent Chest?

The Opulent chest will drop all the Season of the Opulence weapons; Beloved Sniper Rifle, Calus Mini Tool, Austringer Hand Cannon, and the Drang Mini tool. You can check out the complete loot pool for this season.

I will be farming this whole season to get back my God Roll Austringer that was taken out of the game. The roll I am aiming for would be Range + Rangefinder + Eye of the Storm. It was one of the most sought-after rolls. Too bad Bungie decided to remove it from the game. New players finally have their chance to get their hands on one of the best hand cannon in Destiny 2.

The season of the Haunted update is here. The update is around 6GB in size for PC players. The notable things in this update are; the introduction to Solar 3.0, HELM Relocation, Trespasser Exotic Sidearm, and a lot more. You can view the new Season of the Haunted Content here.

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