Destiny 2: A Link To The Chain Challenge, Garden of Salvation Guide

Last Updated on November 13, 2019

Another weekly challenge for the powerful reward has popped us. As usual, it requires players to do a set number of things to be able to complete the challenge for the Garden of Salvation specific raid reward.

How To Do A Link To The Chain Challenge

Completing the Challenge is simple and really easy.

While completing all this every player has to have the buff at the same time or the challenge will fail.

Everyone on the map needs to tether at the same time, it doesn’t have to be the same box. Really simple.

  • Two players go to each side and Two stay in the middle
  • Now, go ahead and drop one at both two and four (one player each)
  • Two people need to stay at three while everyone goes ahead and refreshes their buff
  • The second person standing on three will go and kill Hydras on each relay
  • Refresh buffs and rotate.

Basically, each person has to refresh their buffs at the same time. This will complete the “A Link to The Chain” Challenge. We have also solved the Spider Vision triumph, do read about it.

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