Destiny 2: How To Emerge From The Dark – Lectern Lighting Order

Last Updated on October 30, 2019

Destiny 2: How To Emerge From The Dark – Destiny 2’s latest update brings us, Festival of the Lost, The New Xenophage machine gun, Braytech Werewolf and more. Players at the moment are busy grinding for the loot available. Solving the Lectern Puzzle requires to do a few things, which are hard to find for a solo player.

If you are facing trouble solving this part of the quest then worry no more, this guide will help you out.

How To Emerge From The Dark

This is part of the Journey Quest that you have to complete to obtain the Xenphage. After completing the first step, you will have to head to the Anchor of Light. Once you are there, there will be a ball of lighting relic on the marked location. Pick it up and take it to all ritual plates (this ball will give you a Torch Bearer Buff). The locations where you have to take the balls are marked below.

There are 5 locations where you have to take the ball of lightning after that you will receive the next quest step.

The quest took hours of solving and thanks to Datto, Gladd, and Raidsecrets for finding out how to solve this. The image above might give you a rough understanding of what you have to do, but for some, this might be complicated. I am attaching a video that will help you understand it better.

YouTube video

It took a while for everyone to figure this out. Once this quest step is done, there are more tough steps ahead. Stay tuned!

Are you excited about the New Dungeon Activity and the Festival of the Lost event?

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