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Last Updated on January 26, 2022

Huckleberry Catalyst – Catalysts are rare exotic drops that amplify your exotics for anything, it can be the perk or the ammo or anything. Catalysts can be only used on Exotics and can drop from certain activities in-game (depending on the weapon).

Huckleberry is already a top-tier kinetic weapon in the game. Rampage’s damage was toned down with shadowkeep update, but that nerf didn’t affect this weapon. It’s doing good damage and if you have the catalyst, your weapon refills its magazine on eliminations and also generates orbs of light on multikills. If you love using SMG’s then this weapon is absolutely killing it in the current meta, I haven’t taken it off from my inventory slot.

Today’s guide will focus on how to obtain the huckleberry catalyst.

How To Get the Huckleberry Catalyst?

The description you see when hovering on the empty catalyst area is “complete heroic activity on mars”. Which is self-explanatory. For the uninitiated, you will have to complete heroic missions on mars and you’ll have the chance for Huckleberry catalyst to drop. This might not be completely true, I got my drop while doing escalation protocol (not sure if that counts as a heroic activity).

How To Unlock The Catalyst? – To unlock the catalyst you need to get 500 eliminations with the weapon. To complete this quickly, you can head to the Mars lost sector, load into Last Wish using 4th well of wishes wish, or farming the thrall area of Whisper of the Worm quest.

How many kills do you need for Huckleberry catalyst?

You need 500 kills to unlock the catalyst

Can you get the catalyst from Mercury?

No, the catalyst only drops from heroic activities on Mars

What is huckleberry catalyst drop rate?

The drop rate is unknown and hasn’t been revealed by Bungie. It’s all RNG.

What does the catalyst do?

The catalyst upon unlocking will refund ammo on eliminations. The weapon will also generate ammo on multikills.

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