Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost – All Loot Guide

Last Updated on November 2, 2019

Destiny 2 is a looter shooter, a new event means more loot to grind for. Even if you are never going to use it, the fear mechanic of not being able to get something ever, makes you do it.

The Festival of Lost is upon us, Eva Levante has returned to the Tower with her goods and the new quest. Festival of the Lost is Destiny 2’s version of the Halloween event. Similar to most quests and events, players are required to grind someplace. Last year’s event was really lackluster and didn’t really get me involved, let’s hope this year’s event turns out good.

Participation Requirements

In order to participate in this activity, all new light players will have to:

  • Achieve Power Level 770 or more
  • Complete Escape The Comsodrome Quest to unlock the tower.

Once you have unlocked the Haunted forest, you’ll get access to:

  • Eva Levante bounties
  • Festival of the lost rewards
  • Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins

Below is the list of everything that you can get from this event:

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Loot

Below is all the event-exclusive loot that you can obtain.

BrayTech Auto Rifle

BrayTech Auto Rifle is making a return. But this time around, you can get it with random rolls. Auto rifles in the current meta are really good. This is a must get, make sure you farm for the best rolls that I will be updating here.

Click here to read our full guide on BrayTech Werewolf Auto Rifle.

Halloween Masks

They really stepped up on this one. Comparing the mast to the last year’s, these look really great. I will be certainly going for the Emperor Calus and Drifter one.

Eververse Skeleton Armor Ornaments

I am really going to be disappointed if these are sold for silver and not bright dust. Apart from that, these armor ornaments look sick, I hope we will be able to equip it on every armor piece that we have obtained.

There was a huge controversy some time back regarding players not being able to get most of the Year 3 stuff from Eververse unless they spend silver. RIP 15,000 Bright Dust spent on Solstice Armor that I never used.

One thing that I am getting for sure is..

Candy Grab Bags & Chocolate Strange Coins

These will give you event-specific loot and the random rolled Werewolf Auto Rifle. You can earn Candy and Chocolate Strange coins easily by completing activities in the game.

Are you excited for the Festival of the Lost event? – Do comment and let me know 🙂

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  1. I felt the part about spending all your dust to get the solstice armor. I think I kept it equipped for a week tops. Buyers remorse big time!
    But I will do anything, ANYTHING, to get the broom sparrow! I neeeeeeed it!


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