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Last Updated on May 25, 2022

Investigate The Phantoms in Operation Midas: Every three months, a new season brings truckloads of new content to Destiny 2. Season of the Haunted’s most notable change would be the introduction of Solar 3.0. Apart from that, there’s a new activity, HELM, and new armor and weapons.

Operation: Midas is the first mission that is started as soon as you get in. This is the introduction to the new Derelict Leviathan. This is the raid map of the Leviathan raid but haunted by the moon’s ghosts. Destiny promised to bring us new content by taking out old things from the game, but we are back to Square one. Let’s leave that to discuss on some other day.

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How To Investigate The Phantoms in Operation Midas

When you head to the Dog room (callout for the Leviathan Raid), you’ll be asked to Investigate the Phantoms. However, there will be no marker pointing to the location you need to go to.

There will be enemy pings on your map to help you get through. You need to investigate two clues to progress.

First Clue

Head inside this room and scan the broken ghost found inside the room.

Second Clue

Once you have scanned the first clue, a new waypoint will appear. Head to the location and scan the dead enemy, and your quest will progress.

This is what the enemy will look like:

This is one part of the quest that we felt would be confusing for a few as it took us a while.

This might be one of the biggest updates since Bungie is bringing out a lot of stuff for the Guardians. We’ve got Solar 3.0, new cool-looking armor, the introduction of new armor stats, and a six-player activity that will reward Menagerie weapons (including Austringer).

We are sure guardians will stay busy for at least a month grinding all the new content Bungie is dropping with this update.

What is the one thing you are most excited about? Let us know using the comment section below.

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