[Fixed] Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Connection Timed Out Error

Last Updated on March 31, 2022

What could be more annoying than not being able to play with your friends in a co-op game? Apart from the basic AAA problems like crashing and performance issues, this is a deal-breaker for me.

The game will randomly kick you out, and then you’ll be unable to join your teammates. When you try to join a friend, you’ll get a wifi symbol with a cross. This is a problem due to the Shift Servers, and there is not much you can do. However, there’s a workaround that can take care of this.

When you launch the Wonderlands and try to join someone whos already in-game, you’ll get a “Joining group. Please wait while you are connected” message. After waiting for around 20 seconds, you will get “Connection Error. Your connection has timed out. Please check your network.”.

Connection Timed Out Error

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Fix Connection Timed Out Error

Note: If your friend’s name has “Character Pending” under their username, you will get the time out error for sure.

There are two ways to fix this:

Your Friend has to return to the main menu

Once your friend returns to the main menu you will be able to join him again. If your friend is already playing the game and you try to join him, you will get this error. If there’s a Character Pending message being displayed below your friend’s name, then ask them to return to the lobby.

If this doesn’t work for you, then continue reading.

All of you have to restart the game

Restart Epic Launcher and Wonderlands and join each other from Social. Once all of you are in the lobby, launch the game from there.

Here’s a Tweet from ShiftStatus Twitter Page

Here are a few posts from Forum Users that are having trouble:

Both my husband and I are on Xbox and have been playing most of today with no issues.

Now my game is saying I’m online until I try to join him it’s saying I’m offline and cannot join. No idea how to fix it, have tried quitting game, hard reset on Xbox. Help!

Every time either of us tries to join the other it says Joining group. Please wait while you are connected, but also the Group Privacy icon in the top right switches immediately to the “Local Only” icon (wifi symbol with a cross).

I haven’t seen this particular issue reported outside of this thread. The servers had a huge outage yesterday so there were plenty of people having troubles, but this started for us before the outage even happened.

If your game crashes in-between, you will also have to use any of the two methods mentioned above. This is impacting many users, and there hasn’t been any acknowledgement from the developers yet. We can only hope for a hotfix to get this fixed. This isn’t the only bug that Wonderlands has; you can read our summary of bugs and their workarounds.

We’ve published comprehensive guides on legendary weapons, spells and wards that you can check out. For more articles on Wonderlands, go here.

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