Austringer God Roll Guide – Best Perks for PvP & PvE

Last Updated on June 11, 2022

Austringer God Roll Guide: Calus’s Return to the moon has brought the Opulence weapons back in Destiny 2. The community favorite Beloved Sniper Rifle & Austringer Hand Cannon can be farmed again. Farming for the god roll will not be easy as the Opulent Keys are not found in abundance. The good part is that this weapon can be crafted, but again for that to work, you need to unlock the pattern of the Austringer.

Austringer is a 140 RPM Kinetic Hand Cannon that is great for both PvP and PvE. Back in the day, you could just run around with it, clearing hoards of enemies, let it be crucible or any worldly activity. It’s good that it has made a comeback; let’s find out what the god roll one should be looking for.

Austringer God Roll Guide

Austringer Base Stats

Austringer is a 140 RPM HC. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact: 84
  • Range: 46
  • Stability: 59
  • Handling: 47
  • Reload Speed: 46
  • Reload Time: 3.08s
  • Aim Assist: 75
  • Recoil: 95
  • R.P.M.: 140
  • Magazine Side: 11

The perk pool of the weapon hasn’t changed much; the new perks are Compulsive Reloader in the 3rd column and Demolitionist in the 4th Column. The weapon also rolls with an Origin Trait Called “To Excess.”

  • To Excess Origin Trait: Final blows with this weapon while your Super is full grant a bonus to Strength and Discipline for a moderate duration.

This is the curated roll of the weapon according to

However, this won’t drop for us in-game because masterwork weapons don’t drop from the Opulent Chests.

God Roll for PvP

It’s not a mystery that this used to be the best hand cannon for PvP in Destiny 2. But sadly, it was taken out of the game. We need the exact old god roll for this to work best in PvP.

Note: You can craft the weapon with Enhanced Eye of the Storm and Enhanced Rangefinder once you have unlocked the pattern.

Here’s what roll you should be looking out for:

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling (Stability +5, Range +5, Handling +5)
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds (Range +5, Stability +10)
  • Perk Slot 1: Eye of the Storm (While at Low Health: +30 Handling, -40% Accuracy Cone Size, and -17% Accuracy Cone Growth. Effect increases linearly as Health decreases. Maximized strength at Critical Health).
  • Perk Slot 2: Rangefinder (Max Range)
  • Masterwork: Range
  • Origin Trait: To Excess

Stability is an important factor now, this is the reason why I’ve decided to put Ricochet instead of High Caliber Rounds. You can swap Eye of the Storm with Snapshot Sights to make the weapon snappier.

Eye of the Storm is so good in PvP that you will rarely lose your fights in low-health scenarios. This also means 1v1s are going to be easier.

God Roll for PVE

There was a time when the PvE activities were dominated by Handcannons. I still remember having 150,000 kills on my Midnight Coup. But the meta has changed. It doesn’t make sense to use Handcannons in PvE anymore. We have too many good weapons at our disposal. But if you’d still like to use Austringer in PvE, you can certainly do so. Most hand cannons now need multiple hits even to take down red bar enemies, which is a bummer.

Note: You can swap Demolitionist with Enhanced Rampage, which grants increased damage for 4 seconds. This can be increased to 5 seconds with the Rampage Spec Mod.

Here’s what the god roll for PvE is going to look like:

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling (Stability +5, Range +5, Handling +5)
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds (Range +5, Stability +10)
    Perk Slot 1: Outlaw (For faster reload on precision kills)
  • Perk Slot 2: Demolitionist (Kills with this weapon generate grenade energy. Activating your grenade ability reloads this weapon from reserves.)
  • Masterwork: Range
  • Origin Trait: To Excess

You can swap Demolitionist with Rampage to make the perfect old-school Outlaw Rampage combo. But the important part is getting it to drop.

One part of the community is outraged at the fact that these weapons were taken out of the game through sunsetting and using consoles as an excuse. Now they’re bringing back the same content, which means the players are paying twice for it. On top of that, everyone will have to farm for the perfect rolls again.

Grinding for the right roll is going to be difficult this time around. During Season of the Opulence, we had Menagerie, the rune-based mechanic that made farming really easy. Well, the good old days are gone, and we are back to square one, farming for the same weapon sitting in our vaults with a power level cap.

There is a lot to check out in Season of the Haunted; mainly the Solar 3.0 changes, new weapons, and the Nightmare activity on Moon.

This was our guide on Austringer God Roll. What are your thoughts? – Drop them in the comments section below.

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