Best Titan Void 3.0 Build for PvE & PvP

Last Updated on March 21, 2023

Titan Void Build: Gone are the days when you could just run around and hammer-strike your foes. Titan has always been in a tricky place, never balanced, and mostly left out in the dust. This has changed in the last few seasons; Titan is now very much broken and carries you solo through almost every activity in the game.

Update Season 20: Builds updated with mod changes.

Bungie keeps on contradicting everything on its own. First, they nerf everything. Then, they break everything with the next update. The cycle continues, and there’s no end to it. The only way to cope is not to stick to a single build. I will update the build here if this one gets nerfed.

I have already covered Hunter and Warlock builds; they are also similar. You can complete almost everything in this game solo with Void.

Enough about the Titans; let’s find out what the builds are:

The build mentioned here will work fine in both PvE and PvP; you only will have to swap the exotic with whatever you like to play with. At the end of this article, you will also find a build around PvP.

Note: Make sure you have Volatile Flow Unlocked in the Artifact to make this build work.

Best Titan Void Build for PvE

I will still go with Heart of Inmost Light in this build. The nerf with Lightfall did drop its effectiveness, but the exotic is still the best now that we have better modding and orb generation.

  • Super: Ward of Dawn
  • Ability: Rally Barricade
  • Melee: Shield Throw
  • Grenade: Vortex Grenade
  • Aspect #1: Offensive Bulwark
  • Aspect #2: Controller Demolitionist
  • Fragment #1: Echo of Starvation
  • Fragment #2: Echo of Provision
  • Fragment #3: Echo of Exchange
  • Fragment #4: Echo of Expulsion
  • Weapon: Void Weapon
  • Armor Stat: 100 Discipline and 100 Resilience. Prioritize discipline first.
  • Exotic Armor: Heart of Inmost Light

Let’s look at the mod setup

Mod Setup

  • Helmet: 1x stat mod, Hands-on, Ashes to Assets, and Void Siphon.
  • Arms: 1x stat mod, Firepower, Heavy Handed, and Bolstering Detonation.
  • Chest: 1x stat mod. Damage Reduction mods according to the activity you’re playing. I use Concussive Dampener, Melee Damage Resistance, and Void Reserves.
  • Legs: 1x stat mod, Void Weapon Surge, Absolution, and Innervation.
  • Class Item: 1x stat mod, 2x Bomber, and Outreach.

Stat mods can be changed according to your armor stats.

How does This Build Work?

Anyone who has used Heart of Inmost light in the previous seasons knows how this build will work. You have to cast the barricade, followed by the shield throw, and then the grenade for maximum efficiency. Every time your grenade takes down an enemy, an orb will spawn that will grant devour; on top of that, you will always have Volatile Rounds up.

This build maximizes your survivability as your barricade will give you an over shield. As soon as you take down an enemy with a grenade and continue doing so, you will have Devour running.

Lightfall focused mainly on Strand, but the Artifact mods make it the best for Void.

Titan Void Build for PvP [Trials of Osiris & Crucible]

  • Super: Ward of Dawn
  • Ability: Towering Barricade
  • Melee: Shield Bash
  • Grenade: Void Spike or Void Wall
  • Aspect #1: Bastion
  • Aspect #2: Controller Demolitionist
  • Fragment #1: Echo of Vigilance
  • Fragment #2: Echo of Leeching
  • Fragment #3: Echo of Dilation
  • Armor Stat: 100 Resilience.
  • Exotic Armor: Dunemarchers, Syntoceps, or Peacekeepers.

Mod Setup

  • Helmet: Targeting mods according to your primary weapon.
  • Arms: Loader Mods and Fastball.
  • Chest: Unflinching Aim.
  • Legs: Surge Mod and Insulation.
  • Class Item: Reaper, Bomber, and Outreach.

How does This Build Work?

This build is made around the new Fragment called “Echo of Provision.” The Fragment was introduced with the Lightfall DLC.

  • Echo of Provision: Defeating a target while your shields are depleted grants you a temporary void overshield.

This Fragment acts like One Eyed Mask, but you always have it on. On top of that, we are using Echo of Leeching, which will immediately trigger health regen on melee final blows. Not to forget, casting your barricade will instantly give you and your teammates an void overshield.

For the last slot, you can choose anything of your liking. I chose dilation as it gives me an enhanced radar which is helpful in competitive Trials of Osiris.

Comment below if you liked this build. Have any other build in mind? Let us know.

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2 thoughts on “Best Titan Void 3.0 Build for PvE & PvP”

  1. I loved this build right up to the point where they took away the overshield for the towering barricade. And now my abilities are no longer recharging each other as fast. Make me happy about using the bubble and then burst my bubble. Thanks Bungo your awesome as usual.

    • Yes, the build isn’t as powerful as it used to be. But using the right mods you can still get your grenade and abilities back very quickly. I am still using this build.


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