Best Loadout for Lightblade Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2

Last Updated on April 29, 2022

Nightfall and Grandmaster Nightfalls are probably among the most challenging activities in this Destiny 2. The rewards, in the end, make them worth it. The goal is to complete the activity as quickly as possible, and it’s advised to team up with others to do so. Nightfalls have different modifiers each week that force players to change their load-outs. On top of that, mistakes that you can make are limited; too many will send you right back to the Orbit.

Lightblade is the nightfall that was introduced with the Witch Queen Update. It is one of the hardest and longest Grandmaster nightfall that we have in the game. When playing the Nightfall in Grandmaster difficulty, you will come across multiple Champion Foes and Lucent Hive Lightbearers. Not only that, even red-bar enemies and the moths will one-shot your guardian.

Having the right loadout and team can make things very easy, which is the objective of our guide.

Best Loadout for Lightblade Grandmaster Nightfall

Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Enemy Information

  • Shields: Arc and Solar
  • Barriers
  • 3x Unstoppable Champions
  • Lightbearer Knights
  • Acute Arc Burn in GM Nightfalls.

Acute Arc Burn is very deadly since most enemies, including the final boss, will deal Arc Damage. The community did complain about it, but the devs are not making any changes. DMG_04 also tweeted that this modifier is intentional.

Loadout for Hunter

  • Super: Shadowshow Moebius Quiver
  • Ability: Gambler’s Dodge
  • Grenade: Supressor Grenade
  • Aspect #1: Trapper’s Ambush
  • Aspect #2: Vanishing Step
  • Exotic Armor: Omniculous or The Sixth Coyote.

Now let’s talk about Fragments:

Fragment #1: Echo of Persistence (Void Buffs applied to you have increased duration). This will come in handy while escaping from death or the invisibility granted from performing finisher on enemies.

Fragment #2: Echo of Obscurity (Finisher Final blows grant invisibility, also gives +10 Recovery). This is a lifesaver for anyone running Lucent Finisher.

Fragment #3: Echo of Remnants (Your lingering grenade effects have increased duration). You can switch this with any fragment of your choice.

Mod Configuration: Lucent Finisher, Utility Kickstart, Reaping Wellmaker, Elemental Ordnance, and Bountiful Wells. Unstoppable Handcannon on Piercing Bow depending on which enemy type you will handle.

Omniculuos is the best exotic right now for Hunter running Void 3.0. Those who don’t have it can use The Sixth Coyote for 2x Vanishing Step. Keep in mind that you can target farm this exotic; read our Lost Sectors Guide for more details.

I am sure most of the Hunters would straight away take Orpheus Rig while running this Nightfall. You are not going to need the third Quiver Shot. The two shots are fine for taking down barriers; you will also get your super quickly as there will be orbs of light all around the boss.

That’s all for the build; let’s move to the next section.

Loadout for Warlock (Stasis)

For Warlock, we’ll be using the Stasis Build. For those who haven’t unlocked the Stasis class yet, you can read our Warlock Void 3.0 guide instead.

  • Super: Winter’s Wrath
  • Ability: Healing Rift
  • Melee: Penumbral Blast
  • Grenade: Coldsnap Grenade
  • Exotic Armor: Osmiomancy Gloves. Gain additional Coldsnap grenade.
  • Aspect #1: Bleak Watcher (Turns your grenade into a stasis turret, really useful for freezing enemies rushing toward you).
  • Aspect #2: Glacial Harvest (Freezing targets create stasis shards around the frozen targets).

Now let’s talk about Fragments:

Fragment #1: Whisper of Chains (You take reduced damage when you are near frozen targets or a friendly stasis crystal).

Fragment #2: Whisper of Torment (Gain grenade energy each time you take damage from targets)

Fragment #3: Whisper of Conduction (Nearby Stasis Shards will come towards you). It also increases Resilience and Intellect (+10).

Fragment #4: Whisper of Rime (Collecting Stasis Shards will grant overshield. This overshield will increase and refresh as you collect more shards).

Mod Configuration: Elemental Shards, Elemental Charge, 2x Firepower. Unstoppable Handcannon on Piercing Bow depending on which enemy type you will handle.

Loadout for Titan

It is recommended that you don’t take Titans in this GM Nightfall. It is tough to play Titan, and even with the best loadout, you might struggle. If you have a hunter taking care of yellow bar enemies very fast, things should be easier. The main point is, if you have an option of playing Warlock or Hunter, do that.

I used Thudercrash titan for this once, and it wasn’t tough, but the other teammates were using Void Hunter and Stasis Warlock. The point is that you need synergy. Thundercrash Titans would need to have High Discipline, Resilience. The weapon configuration can stay the same as this article’s end.

Weapon Loadout

Note: One of your teammates should use the Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher to benefit from the Wolfpack Rounds perk. You also have Lucent Finisher, so getting Heavy Ammo should not be a problem.

What Weapons To Use?

There are three weapon load-outs that I can recommend:

  • Arbalest, Insidious Pulse Rifle (Arc), and Tarantula Linear Fusion Rifle.
  • Pardon of Dust with Blinding Grenades and Auto-Loading Holster, Trinity Ghoul Exotic Bow and Any Impact Casing Rocket Launcher.
  • Arbalest, and Arc Hand Cannon and Reed’s Regret Linear Fusion Rifle.

You can change your load-outs to anything you like; just keep Arc Shields and Barriers in mind.

This was our article on the best loadout for the Lightblade Grandmaster Nightfall. You can read our Guides on Nightfalls here. Make sure to read our other Destiny 2 Guides.

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