Destiny 2: Legend & Master Lost Sector Today, Rotation & Shields (Full Schedule 2022)

Last Updated on April 30, 2022

Legend and Master Lost Sectors were introduced in the Beyond Light DLC. They are a great way to farm for exotics and Enhancement Cores. As the name states, these are Lost Sectors on steroids.

The base power level has changed to 1350 after the Witch Queen update dropped. To complete the Lost Sector in Legend/Master difficulty, you need to have a power level of 1550.

Note: If you are lower than 1500 power, you won’t be able to access any master or legend lost sectors. If you are not hitting the required power level, having a 10-15ish difference is okay.

DifficultyPower LevelExotic Drop Chance

For difficult activities like this, taking whatever is in meta is always recommended. You will find Overload and Unstoppable champions. I always take my Arbalest whenever there’s any mention of champions, funnelweb is a great option this season if you have the right roll. In the power slot, I’d take a sword or rocket launcher.

Legend/Master Lost Sector Today (March 27)

Note: This data is updated manually every day. If this data is not updated, please check the full schedule at the end of this article.

Exotic armor drop (if solo): Helmet

Veles Labyrinth: Legend

  • Legend Difficulty: Locked Equipment, Match Game, Extra Shields
  • Champions: [Shield-Piercing] Barrier, [Stagger] Unstoppable
  • Burn: [Arc] Arc
  • Shields: [Arc] Arc, [Solar] Solar
  • Modifiers: Fire Pit

Veles Labyrinth: Master

  • Master Difficulty: Locked Equipment, Match Game, Extra Shields, Extra Champions
  • Champions: [Shield-Piercing] Barrier, [Stagger] Unstoppable
  • Burn: [Arc] Arc
  • Shields: [Arc] Arc, [Solar] Solar
  • Modifiers: Fire Pit, Chaff

How To Unlock a Lost Sector?

To unlock the lost sector mentioned today, you have to complete it first. Go to the location or said area and complete it and the same will be unlocked for you. Remember the power level requirements, this is a solo activity that rewards exotic armor, so it is not going to be easy.

There’s also some exclusive exotic armor that drops from this activity. Here are a few added in Season 16:

  • Loreley Splendor: Titan Helmet
  • Hoarfrost-Z: Titan Chest
  • Blight Ranger: Hunter Helmet
  • Renewal Grasps: Hunter Arms
  • Osmiomancy: Warlock Arms
  • Secant Filaments: Warlock Legs

Secants Filaments is an excellent exotic that everyone should go for. The exotic perk is “Casting an empowering rift will grant you Devour. Damage dealt by you and your allies from within your empowering rift will disrupt combatants.” This pairs greatly with the new Warlock Void 3.0 Build.

Legend/Master Lost Sector Rotation Schedule 2022

DateLegend Lost Sector (1550)RewardMaster Lost Sector (1580)Reward
May 1Aphelion’s RestChestAphelion’s RestChest
May 2Bay of Drowned WishesHeadBay of Drowned WishesHead
May 3Chamber of StarlightLegsChamber of StarlightLegs
May 4K1 RevelationArmsK1 RevelationArms
May 5K1 Crew QuartersChestK1 Crew QuartersChest
May 6K1 LogisticsHeadK1 LogisticsHead
May 7MetamorphosisLegsMetamorphosisLegs
May 8SepulcherArmsSepulcherArms
May 9ExtractionChestExtractionChest
May 10Veles LabyrinthHeadVeles LabyrinthHead
May 11Exodus Garden 2ALegsExodus Garden 2ALegs
May 12Aphelion’s RestArmsAphelion’s RestArms
May 13Bay of Drowned WishesChestBay of Drowned WishesChest
May 14Chamber of StarlightHeadChamber of StarlightHead
May 15K1 RevelationLegsK1 RevelationLegs
May 16K1 Crew QuartersArmsK1 Crew QuartersArms
May 17K1 LogisticsChestK1 LogisticsChest
May 18MetamorphosisHeadMetamorphosisHead
May 19SepulcherLegsSepulcherLegs
May 20ExtractionArmsExtractionArms
May 21Veles LabyrinthChestVeles LabyrinthChest
May 22Exodus Garden 2AHeadExodus Garden 2AHead
May 23Aphelion’s RestLegsAphelion’s RestLegs

This is the schedule for the whole month. If you have something you’d like to add make sure to drop that in the comments section below.

I have published more guides on Destiny 2 that you can check out here. Make sure to check the new Void 3.0 builds for Hunter and Titan.

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