How To Get Flakker Shotgun – Borderlands 3

Last Updated on October 15, 2019

The Flakker is a torgue shotgun that fires a huge grenade that explodes on impact and creates smaller explosives that deal AOE damage. Even though torgue weapons have been nerfed multiple times, they are still good and most fun to use. Flakker is a shotgun and the direct impact deals a lot of damage, it also has multiple variants such as the Cocky Flakker.

The right way of using Flakker would be shooting enemies from above and landing shots on their feet. Torgue weapons deal splash damage and Flakker’s bullets ricochet further. Really useful to deal damage to multiple small enemies in Circle of Slaughter.

Let’s find out how we can farm and get our hands on the legendary Flakker Shotgun in Borderlands 3.

Flakker Shotgun Stats

  • Manufacturer: Torgue
  • Type: Shotgun
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Elements: Explosive, Incendiary, and Radiation

Red Text: Flak The World

Flak The World – Shoots slow, invisible rounds that create a series of explosions. The Shotgun consumes 5 ammo per shot. Flakker can be used for crowd control, it causes damage in a huge radius. Just shoot a bullet, this bullet will split and ricochet to other enemies, dealing damage to everyone around. Flakker has a low fire rate and range, so it’s niche and a fun weapon that only a few people will like.

There is no guaranteed way of Farming the Flakker in Borderlands 3. It’s all RNG, so we’ll be heading to a few boss locations and eliminating the bosses. We’ll repeat this process until we get the drop that we want. Below is a list of bosses that you can head to, for farming the Flakker Shotgun in Borderlands 3.

Farming Graveward for Legendary Loot

This boss is one of my favorites for farming legendaries, with the right Moze and FL4k builds, you can take down this boss with ease. The boss can drop any legendary in the game, but since there are no guarantees of farming this particular gun we’d recommend you to head to this boss. As mentioned earlier, if you’re playing in TVHM mode, you shouldn’t have trouble farming legendaries.

Farm Chupacabratch Mini-Boss

Another great place to farm for legendaries is the Chupacabratch mini-boss. If you’ve played the storyline already, I am pretty sure you’ve encountered this boss at some point. Chupacabratch is located on Athenas in the Cemetry near the Brewery.

The boss is really easy to take down, just take a powerful gun such as The Butcher and melt him. Reload map and repeat, keep doing this until you get what you want.

Farm Loot Tinks

Loot tinks are a great way of farming legendaries, I myself was able to obtain many legendaries when I started. However, the efficiency has been toned down after the nerfs made by Gearbox.

There’s a workaround though, just load the game in offline mode and you’ll have the same pre-nerf efficiency. Many people don’t know about this, but the game works exactly fine in offline mode.

Read This detailed guide on – Farming Loot Hoarder Tinks.

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