Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Bugs, Server Issues and Workarounds

Last Updated on March 29, 2022

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has turned out to be a great game so far, other than the loot system which I am sure that the devs will look into. The critic ratings are also good, IGN rated Wonderlands 8, GamesRadar 4/5, GameInformer 9.5/10, PCGamesN 9/10. The Borderlands Spinoff is certainly a game that everyone should try. There aren’t many new titles coming next month so this should keep you hooked for a while.

Similar to every AAA launch nowadays Wonderlands is also not free from bugs and performance issues. We have seen every single title last year not living up to the mark and having issues during the release week. While most of these problems should be ironed out in the coming days, we’ve compiled a list of problems that users are facing and their workarounds.

Wonderlands Bugs & Workarounds

Unable To Connect To Lobbies

This is a problem that many are facing. You will get kicked out of the game randomly and you won’t be able to connect back to your friend’s lobby. The game will also show you as offline. This is a problem with SHiFT servers and should be fixed soon.

Quest Log is Empty

If your quest log is empty, then completing any other task in-game should fix the problem.

Missed The Butt Stallion Cutscene

If you missed the Butt Stallion Cutscene then you will be left wondering what actually happened. Kneel and don’t slide, sliding will make you miss the objective.

White Flashing in-Game

When you play a video game or watch a movie, the graphics card is responsible for displaying the images on your screen. If your graphics card isn’t working properly, you may experience lag, or the images may not be displayed correctly. Updating your graphic drivers can help increase your performance and fix any display issues you may be experiencing.

Note: This is mainly happening to users having DirectX 11 as their graphics API.

Unable To Skip Cutscenes

You need to hold the “ESC” button to make the cutscenes go away.

Split-Screen UI is Broken

‘Inspect’ the item, which means that you have to pick everything up and inspect just to see what it does, including in shops.

Currently, the Split-Screen UI is broken. You can use the workaround mentioned above until the devs fix the problem.

Issues with No Workarounds

  • Loot luck is fluctuating
  • Crashes on Xbox Series X
  • Dying while fast travelling
  • The HUD and UI randomly disappear
  • Camera snaps during FFYL
  • No sounds on the first cutscene

This article will be updated as soon as we find out the problems and their fixes.

I’ve been playing Spellshot and the spell casting and gunplay is fun, apart from not getting legendaries at all. Boss Farming is also not that great compared to what we had in Borderlands 3. I feel like there are a few things that Gearbox can look into to fix the current state of looting. After all, this is a looter shooter game, we should have good loot at all times to keep us entertained.

If you are facing any issue that is not mentioned here, make sure to drop the details in the comment section below.

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17 thoughts on “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Bugs, Server Issues and Workarounds”

  1. I’ve got a weird bug going on at the moment,every time I die in the game my Xbox One X hard shuts down! Have to reboot the console every time,can’t be healthy for Xbox surely?

  2. Said I unlocked right ring slot several levels ago. Still showing locked and I can’t equip a ring in that slot. Currently level 35

  3. I picked up a Shrine piece when a friend was hosting online. In my game (solo play), it says I still need to get it…but when I do…the Shrine piece is greyed-out, so I can’t pick it up or leave the Shrine without rebooting. The bug is a game breaker.

  4. If you need to reload a weapon before entering the Overworld map, the reload hud will stay visible while you’re miniature, without ever allowing a reload, and therefore having no way of getting rid of it. Since you can’t use guns in the Overworld, it would make sense for that to not show at all until you get back to a local map.

  5. The white flashing light is awful! I still can’t seem to fix it. Using Direct x 12… I’ve tried everything imaginable but to no avail.

  6. Logged back in after a break and over one million gold was erased from my inventory. Reduced me to nothing.. pretty upset.

  7. Severe lag while not playing online, my wife and I bought the game(love these ones) to play together and we are unable to do so. Now that we have been having issues not playing online, hers is lagging something severe.

  8. So i loaded into my game and it spawned me into wargtooth shallows and if i try to leave my character is just frozen in the overworld, also i have no quest in my journal, ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothings worked and i have no idea how to fix it

  9. Sprinting,+jumping in any direction+trying to cast a spell= dropped gun. every time. KBM only, very repeatable. I have not had anyone on controller able to replicate it, but kbm users can.

  10. Twice now all my guns/legendary weapons just wiped. Soon as I finished the game and got to the chaos chambers it broke me. 2 weeks of none stop grinding for this. Gear box need to fix this!

  11. The missions are in an ever ending loop back to bright hoof and won’t take you to where the objective is or where to start the mission. Essentially you can’t do a mission because the marker is always on brighthoof.

  12. Main mission and side quests are glitched out. They keep showing the “blue diamond” marking on bright hoof/overworld. If you go to overworld then it shows you have to go brighthoof. And the other way around. Cannot even play the game.. is the game still being worked on? Haven’t seen any Shift Status updates on Twitter in over a month..?


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