Best Strand Warlock Build for PvE & PvP

Last Updated on March 21, 2023

Best Strand Warlock Build: Lightfall’s main attraction was the new sub-class called Strand. The super and abilities were so mediocre that everyone switched back to their old subclasses. But that changed once the build-crafting gods figured out the right builds and synergy.

This guide covers both PvP and PvE Builds for Warlock. Let’s find out how they work.

Best Strand Warlock Build for PvE (Gambit, Strikes & Raids)

This endgame Warlock build capitalizes on the perfect synergy between the poison effects of the Necrotic Grip exotic gauntlets and the Strand abilities and fragments.

  • Super: Needlestorm
  • Ability: Healing Rift
  • Melee: Arcane Needle
  • Grenade:
    • Shackle Grenade for endgame activities.
    • Grapple for casual content.
  • Aspect #1: Weaver’s Call
  • Aspect #2: Mindspun Invocation
  • Fragment #1: Thread of Mind
  • Fragment #2: Thread of Generation
  • Fragment #3: Thread of Continuity
  • Fragment #4: Thread of Isolation
  • Weapon: Osteo Striga
  • Armor Stats: Resilience > Discipline > Recovery
  • Exotic Armor: Necrotic Grip

Mod Configuration

  • Helmet: 2x Kinetic Siphon + Heavy Ammo Finder
  • Gauntlets: Impact Induction + Focusing Strike + Font of Vigor
  • Chest: Damage Resistance Mods + Charged Up
  • Boots: 2xKinetic Weapon Surge
  • Bond: 2x Outreach + Bomber

Understanding the Build

This strategy creates an enjoyable gameplay loop where you can frequently use your abilities to damage enemies significantly while also suspending them.

Use the Shackle Grenade to suspend enemies (and stun Unstoppable Champs) and deal precision damage to the beefiest enemy, spreading the Sever effect and poison damage to the weaker ones. Doing so also refunds Grenade energy and reduces the Healing Rift cooldown with every suspended enemy defeat.

Repeating this gameplay loop with every horde of enemies you encounter immobilizes all ads and champions, and those who do break free deal less damage to you due to the Sever debuff.

Best Build for PvP (Crucible & Trials of Osiris)

This Strand Warlock build for PvP focuses on generating Threadlings that will track enemies and actively assist you in getting those easy kills!

  • Super: Needlestorm
  • Ability: Healing Rift
  • Melee: Arcane Needle
  • Grenade: Threadling Grenade
  • Aspect #1: Weaver’s Call
  • Aspect #2: Mindspun Invocation
  • Fragment #1: Thread of Ascent
  • Fragment #2: Thread of Evolution
  • Fragment #3: Thread of Generation
  • Fragment #4: Thread of Binding
  • Weapon: Any
  • Armor Stats: Resilience > Discipline > Recovery
  • Exotic Armor: Ophidian Aspect

Mod Configuration

  • Helmet: 2x Kinetic Targeting
  • Gauntlets: 2x Grenade Kickstart + Fastball
  • Chest: 2x Unflinching Kinetic Aim
  • Boots: Kinetic Weapon Surge + Special Ammo Scavenger Mod
  • Bond: 2x Bomber + Utility Kickstart

Note: As of writing, scavenger mods are working in PvP modes too, but it is probably unintentional. Switch this to a Holster mod or run double Weapon Surge if Scavenger stops working! Also, switch the kinetic weapon mods according to the weapon you’ll be using.

Understanding the Build:

The Ophidian Aspect is a must-have for every PvP Warlocks and provides some basic but significant buffs to your weapons, which are the primary source of damage in PvP. Here are some pointers on how to use the build:

  • Before getting into a fight, hold down the grenade button to consume the Threadling Grenade. This immediately summons five perched Threadlings that will start seeking any enemy you shoot.
  • Your Healing Rift and the grenade are good sources of spawning Threadlings, so use them accordingly. Also, remember that deploying a Rift also automatically sends out all the perched Threadlings.
  • Refrain from going for solo Supers! Instead, look for opportunities to utilize the Thread of Binding fragment, which Suspends everyone in range when enemies are somewhat grouped up.

The Strand subclass has a learning curve as the abilities differ greatly from the other subclasses. Once you have the jist of it, you will be unkillable and have a lot of fun!

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