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Last Updated on March 21, 2023

Best Warlock Solar 3.0 Build: While the recent balancing changes resulted in the nerfing of the most sought-after Arc/Void 3.0 Titan builds, Bungie has unintentionally enhanced the already top-performing Solar Warlock build, which had already earned a place on every S-tier list. With the improved armor and modding system, combining certain previously incompatible mods due to affinity restriction is possible.

In addition, the new subclass fragments have made endgame PvE even easier for Warlock mains by providing even more survivability!

So if you are looking to update and enhance your Solar Warlock builds in Destiny 2, you’re in the right place! The following are the top two builds for PvE and PvP in Lightfall.

Best Solar Warlock Build for PvE (Gambit, Strikes & Raids)

This updated Starfire Protocol build incorporates the new Solar Fragment and armor mods, providing even more survivability and DPS than before!

  • Super: Well of Radiance
  • Ability: Empowering Rift
  • Melee: Celestial Fire
  • Grenade: Fusion Grenade
  • Aspect #1: Icarus Dash
  • Aspect #2: Touch of Flame
  • Fragment #1: Ember of Resolve
  • Fragment #2: Ember of Eruption
  • Fragment #3: Ember of Torches
  • Fragment #4: Ember of Searing
  • Weapons: Witherhoard + Incandescent Solar Weapon
  • Armor Stats Priority: Resilience > Discipline > Recovery
  • Exotic Armor: Starfire Protocol

Mod Configuration

  • Helmet: Ashes to Assets + Siphon/Ammo Finder + Font of Wisdom
  • Gauntlets: Firepower + Fastball + Momentum Transfer
  • Chest: 2x Damage Resistance Mods + Emergency Reinforcement
  • Boots: Recuperation + 2x Solar Weapon Surge
  • Bond: Proximity Ward + Special Finisher + Bomber
    • (You can stack three Bombers if you want, but it’s not needed)

Understanding the Build

Unlike Arc and Void Titans, who received a nerf to their favorite Heart of Inmost Light exotic, Bungie has indirectly buffed this OG ‘Well-lock’ build. Due to the number of improvements to armors and armor mods and the introduction of the new Solar fragments, you will have even more survivability and DPS potential with this build in any endgame PvE content. The rotation is simple:

  1. Use both of your Fusion Grenades.
  2. Shoot your Witherhoard to the ground near enemies and switch to your Energy Weapon.
  3. Use your Empowering Rift. Here is where our exotic of choice kicks in, reducing the fusion grenade cooldown with each tick of damage dealt by the Witherhoard blight pool.
  4. Continue to use your secondary weapon, spam your nades, and blow everything up in the room! Thanks to the new fragment, Ember of Determination, you will also gain the Cure buff and receive health regen with each grenade final blow. Thus you no longer need to use Healing Rift in even the most challenging endgame activities!
  5. Repeat!

Best Solar Warlock Build for PvP (Crucible & Trials of Osiris)

This PvP Solar Warlock build focuses on heavily scorching your foes with your melee and grenade abilities, often resulting in free kills!

  • Super: Well of Radiance/Daybreak
  • Ability: Healing Rift
  • Melee: Celestial Fire
  • Grenade: Incendiary Grenade
  • Aspect #1: Icarus Dash
  • Aspect #2: Heat Rises
  • Fragment #1: Ember of Char
  • Fragment #2: Ember of Searing
  • Fragment #3: Ember of Eruption
  • Fragment #4: Ember of Ashes
  • Weapons: Personal Preference
  • Armor Stats Priority: Discipline > Recovery > Strength
  • Exotic Armor: Dawn Chorus

Mod Configuration

  • Artifact Mods: Authorized Mods: Solar & Grenades
  • Helmet: Ashes to Assets + Weapon Targeting Mod
    • (You can remove A2A and stack multiple targeting mods instead)
  • Gauntlets: 2x Grenade Kickstart + Weapon Loader Mod
  • Chest: 2x Unflinching Aim
  • Boots: 2x Holster Mods + Weapon Surge
  • Bond: 3x Bomber

Understanding the Build

As previously mentioned, you’ll constantly be trying to land your long-range powered melee attack, Celestial Fire, and the Incendiary Grenade to burn your opponents to ashes. Look for opportunities when two or more are grouped at a chokepoint, send out your melee, and instantly follow up with the grenade. Thanks to Dawn Chorus, your scorch effects will cause massive damage and refund melee energy every time you land your abilities on targets – often resulting in some easy kills without ever firing a bullet!

These were the best Warlock Solar 3.0 Builds. If you’re looking for builds for the other subclasses, check the Destiny 2 Category.

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