Best Strand Hunter Build for PvE & PvP

Last Updated on March 22, 2023

Best Strand Hunter Build: Destiny 2’s long-awaited Lightfall addition has finally arrived, bringing with it the game’s second Darkness subclass: Strand. The introduction of a new subclass to the game means that there are now a variety of new builds to try out, each of which offers new ways for destroying your opponents with style and ease.

Whether you’re into PvP or PvE activities, we’ve got you covered with our two best Strand Hunter builds in Destiny 2, one for each game mode! These builds take advantage of the unique abilities of the new subclass to pack a serious punch and will definitely up your game on the battlefield (or crucible arena, if that’s your thing!).

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Best Strand Hunter Build for PvE (Gambit, Strikes & Raids)

This build focuses heavily on effective crowd control, ad-clear, and stunning champions by continuously suspending enemies.

  • Super: Silkstrike
  • Ability: Marksman’s Dodge
  • Melee: Threaded Spike
  • Grenade: Shackle Grenade
  • Aspect #1: Widow’s Silk
  • Aspect #2: Ensnaring Slam
  • Fragment #1: Thread of Mind
  • Fragment #2: Thread of Warding
  • Fragment #3: Thread of Generation
  • Fragment #4: Thread of Continuity
  • Weapons: Ager’s Scepter/Witherhoard + Void SMG
  • Armor Stats Priority: Resilience > Discipline > Mobility
  • Exotic Armor: The Sixth Coyote

Mod Configuration

  • Artifact Mods: Volatile Flow + Authorized Mods
  • Helmet: Void Siphon + Kinetic Siphon + Ammo Finder
  • Gauntlets: 2x Bolstering Detonation + Font of Wisdom
  • Chest: 2x Damage Resistance Mods + Charged Up
  • Boots: 2x Void Weapon Surge + Innervation
  • Cloak: Time Dilation + Reaper
    • As of writing, Reaper is currently disabled. So you can stack up Bombers for now!

Understanding the Build

This build revolves around using the Strand Hunter’s Ensnaring Slam and the new Shackle Grenade in tandem to suspend crowds of enemies in the air indefinitely. To complement this playstyle, make sure to equip the mentioned armor mods that refund dodge ability energy every time you use it to slam down. The Sixth Coyote exotic pairs perfectly with this build, providing you with two dodge charges to work with.

Additionally, the Volatile Flow mod from the Seasonal Artifact grants Volatile Rounds to your Void weapon, taking your crowd-control potential to the next level. It’s also worth noting that you will also be able to effectively stun all three types of champions while running this build as:

  1. Suspend stuns Unstoppable Champions.
  2. You can stun Overload Champions with your SMG (given that you have unlocked the mod from the seasonal artifact).
  3. Volatile Rounds pierce Barriers and stun Barrier Champions.

Best Strand Hunter Build for PvP (Crucible & Trials of Osiris)

  • Super: Silkstrike
  • Ability: Marksman’s Dodge
  • Melee: Threaded Spike
  • Grenade: Shackle Grenade
  • Aspect #1: Widow’s Silk
  • Aspect #2: Ensnaring Slam
  • Fragment #1: Thread of Mind
  • Fragment #2: Thread of Continuity
  • Fragment #3: Thread of Generation
  • Fragment #4: Thread of Ascent
  • Weapon: Your Best PvP Weapon (I use the Austringer)
  • Armor Stats Priority: Recovery > Mobility > Discipline
  • Exotic Armor: Fr0st-EE5 (or St0mp-EE5)

Mod Configuration

  • Helmet: 2x Kinetic Targeting
  • Gauntlets: 2x Grenade Kickstart + Loader/Dexterity Mod
  • Chest: 2x Unflinching Kinetic Aim
  • Boots: 2x Kinetic Weapon Surge
  • Cloak: 3x Bomber

Note: Switch the Targeting, Unflinching, and Surge mods according to your weapon. I have the Kinetic Mods on my armor because I use a kinetic hand cannon, i.e., my crafted god-roll Austringer.

Understanding the Build

To be effective with this build in PvP, it’s crucial to maintain a quick and agile playstyle, continuously sprinting and sliding to activate the Frostees’ exotic perk to keep your abilities ready to go. You can immobilize your enemies and throw them off their game with the Ensnaring Slam, and Shackle Grenade’s strangle effect, which forces them into hip-fire mode.

Additionally, defeating a suspended enemy will generate a Tangle that you can toss at another foe to deal some serious damage. And thanks to the Thread of Mind fragment, you can reduce your dodge cooldown by taking out stranded enemies, keeping you in the game and on top of your opponents.

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